What kind of games are these?

Our games are best described as “interactive mystery meets 60 minute at-home escape room.” Your team will solve a mystery by finding hidden clues and completing challenging puzzles. Locked document bags requiring code solutions act as hidden “doors” moving you to the next level of play. 

What ages and size group are recommended for this game?

Our games work best with 2 to 6 players who are ages 14 and older.


How do you play the game and how long does it take?

You can play the game two ways. With this one game you can choose either “Basic” method of play or the “Escape Room” format. The escape room format increases the challenge when you add a 60-minute timer and hide the game materials for the players to collect. The game may take from 45 to 90 minutes to play depending on your sleuthing skills.


Do we need internet connection or smart phones for this game?

Absolutely not! We don’t have internet service in our basement and weren’t sure that you would either. Everything you need to play is included in the game box.


Where is the game made and by whom?

We’re proudly made in the USA by a 100% female powered team. Sheltering at home during the pandemic we rediscovered games and puzzles and then began searching for new activities. We put our love of escape rooms and mysteries to work making games to play at home. After creating interesting mysteries, stories and characters we designed all the materials needed to produce this game.


What is the Stolen at Sea game about?

Travel back in time to 1923 as passengers aboard the RMS Aquitania. Sift through maps, photographs, vintage books and more to rescue a priceless jewel of antiquity in this challenging, high stakes puzzle quest.

Join the highly trained MI6 officers as they work against the clock to solve the theft of the magnificent burial ring of Pharaoh Ramses II that was on its return voyage to the Cairo Museum of Antiquities. 

As you and the elite agents follow 6 passengers around the ship, you’ll discover each has a mysterious story that will provide important clues. The priceless ring must be found before the ship arrives in the Port of Alexandria in one hour. No one will be allowed to leave the ship until the jewel is returned. The clock starts now!


How is the game reusable?

All our game parts can be reused and pages with dry-erase marker notes can be wiped clean. We encourage you pass the game along to family or friends. Make sure to note your team name, date of play and game time on the sticker provided inside the box lid. Use the “Reset Instructions” to help you put it back together.

When will I receive my game?

We ship all games for free by USPS or UPS. Your order should arrive within 2-3 business days. Holidays, bad weather and COVID related shipping issues can impact delivery time. We can’t ship to PO boxes. We do offer rush shipping if you need it.


Do you ship internationally?

We only ship within the lower 48 United States.


Can I return the game?

We hope you enjoy the game and pass it along to friends or family. Our purchases are non-refundable.