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A Thrilling Mystery Awaits!

Mysterious clues, ancient cyphers and intriguing puzzles will pull you deep undercover and challenge your master spycraft skills.

Do you have what it takes to crush escape room experts?


Experienced agents revel alarming secrets.....

"We loved how this game brought our family together. We're all very differnt puzzle solvers. Whaaat? Mom can read cyphers upside down?!" The Pattersons

"The game kept our teens engaged from start to finish. We're escape room fanatics and were super impressed!" The Fellman Family

The Clock Starts Now!

Join The Revolution!


Rescue A Priceless Artifact!


Top Secret Offer!



Join our team of agents as you race to solve exciting interactive mysteries by finding hidden clues and completing intriguing puzzles. Locked document bags filled with cyphers, clues and codes are hidden “doors” that move you through these 60-minute escape room games.

- Play at home, on vacation or anywhere that requires expert sleuthing skills!

- Best with 2 to 6 players ages 14 and older.

- No internet required. 

- Games can be played again so pack it up and pass it along!

This escape room game provides a great opportunity for fun family bonding from kids to grandparents! A special way to be together on a Sunday afternoon. This game makes a unique gift!

The Mougin Family

I loved how this game brought our family together around the dining room table. It was so fun to see how differently we approached the puzzles and learned what each of us are good at and...others not so much!


Our family loved playing your game! It offered a challenge and required us to work as a team and bringing the family together. Thank you for providing a creative and fun source of entertainment.

The Miller Family

Fantastic for family game night, the most fun our family has had since the pandemic started! Bonus that we learned a bit of 1920s British and Egyptian history while playing. Highly recommend!


It was a lot of fun and kept my whole family's attention away from devices for the entire time -- and that's no easy task!


We have two teens and the game kept our attention from start to finish. We're escape room fanatics and were impressed by the quality of the props and the thinking that went into developing it. Go for it!

The Fellman Family